TN EMIS School Login @, App New Version

TN EMIS Portal launched by Tamil Nadu govt to help students receive quality education

Using TN EMIS App, schools can upload all information to state education department

Under TN EMIS, each school is covered so that it can access all the related information

Under TN EMIS, the info. related to every student is kept in a centralized database

TN EMIS portal can be used to check courses or any update in the course and more

Both teachers and students can find most useful e-learning material on TN EMIS

Using the portal, teachers can reap benefits by enrolling in various training programs

They can also deliver high quality e-learning approach towards their students

To explore more, students can access videos, mock tests, resources, and more

EMIS is a centralized database loaded with information of students, teachers and faculty

To access the information on TN EMIS portal, you need to have the school code