Universal Travel Pass: How to Apply, Login, Download @epassmsdma.mahait.org

Universal Travel Pass: How to login & register @epassmsdma.mahait.org | Universal Travel Pass Download, Eligibility & Status Check




You might remember the recent pandemic that created fuss around everywhere. The main problem arose was to prevent the migration of people from one region to another. It was primarily done to maintain the infection due to COVID-19.

In order to prevent the probable transmission of coronavirus, a plethora of rules were implemented. And now, the state government of Maharashtra has come forward to implement the same through Universal Travel Pass Registration Form 2022.

The form is currently available online. After Maharashtra became the first state to implement Universal Travel Pass forms, various other states also came forward in that direction.

As a preventive measure, 2 doses of coronavirus vaccine has already been administered to a maximum number of people in the country.


Universal Travel Pass


This is the first eligibility criteria to get the facility of Universal Travel Pass. To be precise, people who have already received both the dosages of Covid vaccines and those who are actively participating in various crucial services are eligible to apply for it.

The benefit of having it is that it will allow them to travel to any part of the region. In today’s article, we are going to discuss about it.



Universal Travel Pass

Those who wish to have an uninterrupted access at various places like bus, airlines, workplaces, train stations, shopping malls, etc. and are completely vaccinated may require using it.

It’s actually an electronic pass based on the QR code. It helps a person to travel to different Indian states.

If you are one of the Universal Travel Pass holders, you won’t be having problem going anywhere in the country. It’s fact which says that you won’t be given a ticket unless you provide the pass.

It’s required both by the government and the Railway department. If you wish to hold this pass, you need to make a request. But for that you need to provide a proof that you have been vaccinated and received both the doses of COVID-19 vaccination.

If you have already received both the doses of coronavirus vaccine, you need to know further procedure and details. All you need is to fill the form and send it across to get your UTP.

Please also note that both the government and the railway department have already made it clear that those without a Universal Travel Pass won’t be issued seats or tickets.

Now, improvement to the sale of the tickets and travel through the entire state will therefore be made compulsory with it.



Universal Travel Pass Overview


Service Name Universal Travel Pass
Launched by Maharashtra State Government
Authority Relief & Rehabilitation Department, Disaster Management
Purpose of issuing the UTP Allowing uninterrupted movements amid restrictions
Application mode Online
Official website Epassmsdma.mahait.org


JK EPM Portal Login & Registration @ epm.jk.gov.in


Universal Travel Pass Objectives

In this section, you will come to know the objectives of using a Universal Travel Pass

  • Universal Travel Pass basically secured the travel of a person during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also guarantees different healthcare and other facilities have a smooth functioning
  • Universal Pass eliminates the requirement of any sort of physical verification to identify and spot vaccinated individuals
  • As it’s a Q Code based e-pass, it assures the person for a safer and convenient travel
  • Universal Pass prevents an individual from travelling with phony IDs under COVID-19 limitations.
  • Universal Pass enables passengers to help transfer between rickshaws and trains
  • Universal Pass also facilitates facilitate interstate travel without having the need of RT-PCR examination




Universal Travel Pass Features

Before you apply for it, there is some eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill:

  • If you wish to apply for a UTP, you must be a Maharashtra resident
  • Children are not allowed to be eligible for this facility
  • Users will only be allowed to apply for a UTP if they tend to work in fields like educational, medical or public sector
  • Users need to be in the qualifying UTP categories and subcategories to apply
  • In case, you wish to apply for a UTP, you must provide all the relevant information to the relevant authorities


Shala Darpan Rajasthan


Universal Travel Pass Documents

There are some mandatory documents that users need to produce before they apply for a UTP:

  • Aadhar card
  • Government identification Document
  • Voter ID Industrial papers
  • Mobile number
  • Registered business, etc.


Universal Travel Pass Applying Procedure Through Telegram


  • First visit the Google Play Store in your mobile to download the Telegram app
  • Search for the ‘Mahagov’ into your application
  • Next, select ‘MahaGovUniversalPass’
  • Click ‘Start’ on the very next page
  • Select “Apply for Universal Pass”
  • Provide your mobile number on both the pages to get both immunizations
  • This will generate an OTP on your phone
  • Enter the information and click ‘Verify’
  • It will present all the information on the screen
  • Verify all the information by clicking ‘Yes’
  • Select your image from the gallery and click to confirm your picture
  • The next page will have the final confirmation with all pertinent information
  • Next. click on the confirmed details button
  • Next, select Apply for Universal Pass
  • You will finally get the pass


PM Kisan


Universal Travel Pass Applying Procedure Through Main Site

You must visit the website epassmsdma.mahait.com

  • Click on the link “Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens,” which is given under the heading “Citizen”
  • You must provide the same mobile number that you used at the time of registering for CoWIN
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your mobile
  • This will present the information regarding your COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Move ahead to the box that says “Generate Pass” to show the data of the applicant to add your picture
  • Next, upload an image by submitting your photo.
  • Next, click ‘Apply’ button
  • You will receive an SMS containing a link that will allow you to download the Universal Pass
  • Once you receive the link, make sure to save your pass on your mobile



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