PM SHRI Yojana: PM Shri Yojana Launched, 14500 Schools to Be Upgraded

PM SHRI Yojana: PM Narendra Modi has a clear vision for the country. After launching various schemes to the people of the country, he has proposed yet another scheme to help our students. In order to do that he has decided to upgrade up to 14,500 schools under the newly launched PM Shri yojana.

The above scheme was announced via a tweet by the Prime Minister himself. It was September 5, 2022 when PM himself tweeted where he stated, “Today on Teacher’s Day, I am happy to announce a new initiative”.

Under the ongoing Prime Minister School for Rising India (PM-SHRI) scheme, up to 14,500 schools across India will not only be developed but also upgraded. He has vision to make all these schools to become model schools. They are bound to get the full spirit of the National Education Policy (NEP).

The PM Shree scheme has been kicked off by the government where you will get information related to the PM SHRI Scheme and much more.


PM SHRI Yojana 2023

PM Shree Yojana has been kicked off by PM Narendra Modi himself. Under this scheme, up to 14,500 schools are proposed to be upgraded to make them model schools.

To be precise, the prime Minister has a clear vision to make transformation of all such schools in a holistic way. It will be done by improving the quality of education. In order to do that, there will be focus in improving the overall infrastructure, technology, quality standard in education and lots more.

In his tweet, PM notified that National Education Policy has changed the education sector in recent years. He further said that he was sure to PM Shree Schools will benefit hundreds of students across the country in the spirit of NEP.

Under the PM SHRI Yojana, the overall infrastructure of schools will be made as per standard. As per the latest update, there will be at least one PM Shree School in every block of the country. Along with the above, there will also be one senior secondary and one secondary in every district of the country.


1753 schools of UP to be upgraded under PM Shree scheme

Under the PM Shree (Prime Minister’s School for Rising India) scheme, launched by the central government, as many as 1753 schools will be upgraded to higher levels as per quality standard.

The school will get their infrastructure changed where they will be upgraded in every way possible. For example, they will have smart classes along with playground, computer labs and other facilities.

The government is aiming high to upgrade basic and secondary education of schools across the country. The govt. has so far spotted 1664 basic education schools and 89 secondary schools under PM Shri Yojana. Here all schools will be linked to the smarter education so that our students will be able to compete with other students.


846 Maharashtra schools to open under PM Shree scheme

As per Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, 846 schools will be opened under PM Shree yojana. He notified this via a tweet on February 14.  All these schools will be upgraded to make them premiere institutions in terms of providing quality education.

In order to achieve this feat, the state government of Maharashtra has even signed a MoU with the Central Government. Overall, more than 1500 schools will be opened in the first phase under the ongoing PM Shree Yojana.

The Maharashtra state can participate with the central government under the PM Shri Yojana by implementing the National Education Policy 2020 of the state. The above scheme is bound to take up to 60% of the stake from the central government.

In order to run this scheme smoothly, a sum of Rs 1 crore 88 lakh will be provided to schools for up to 5 years. Out of this amount, the share of central government will be of Rs 955 crore 98 lakh, while the state’s share will be 40% i.e. Rs 634 crore 50 lakh.

It means that the central government will allocate up to Rs 75 lakh to each school for 5 years. There will be a 2nd phase in which all schools will be grouped under 383 municipalities28 municipal corporations, and city councils for the development of PM Shree schools.


27,360 crore approved for PM-Shri scheme

All schools spotted by the central government require huge funds so as to upgrade them. This is the reason why the central government has allotted huge funds. Under this scheme, over 18 lakh students will get direct benefit.

Not only that, the Union Cabinet has already approved the PM-Shri project to upgrade 14,500 schools in the country. For the success of the above scheme, the center will assure a sum of Rs. 18,128 crore.

Also, DBT funding is bound to go directly school committees and principals who can decide ways to spend 40% of their cash. All schools are proposed to make green which means eco-friendly. Under this scheme, the schools will also examine the environmental traditions and practices.

The schools have the privilege to apply online using the official web portal of the PM Shri scheme. As of now, there are 3 stages in the overall selection process.




PM SHRI Scheme Key Features


Name of Scheme PM Shree Yojana
Initiated By PM Narendra Modi
Launch Date September 05, 2022
Objective To upgrade India’s Old Schools
No. of schools to be upgraded 14,500 schools
Year 2022
Scheme Type central government scheme


14,500 schools to be upgraded under PM Shree scheme

As many as 14,500 old schools are proposed to benefit under the PM SHRI Yojana. The govt. has already proposed to make quality changes or upgradations to these schools. All these schools are proposed to get upgraded on the verge of Kendriya Vidyalaya.

The entire responsibility of upgrading 14,500 schools of the country has to be initiated by the central government which will fall under the PM SHRI Yojana. On the other hand the state government will be given the nod to safely monitor and implement the scheme.


Objective of PM SHRI Yojana

The PM Shree scheme objective is clear and simple. It’s mainly to upgraded all 14,500 old schools in India. All upgraded schools under the PM Shree scheme will therefore reflect the National Education Policy components.

This is what the PMO stated, “the objective of these schools will not only be quality teaching, learning and cognitive development but also to create holistic and well-rounded citizens in line with the skill needs of the 21st century.”

Under the ongoing PM SHRI Yojana, every poor child will also get a chance to join smart schools to help them get smarter education as well.


What will be special in PM SHRI School

  • All old PM Shree schools under the launch of PM SHRI Yojana will obviously have modern infrastructure, smart education system, and latest technology
  • PMShri schools will also be in line with the National Education Policy (NEP)
  • All upgraded schools will guide other schools
  • All such schools will have education level from pre-primary to 12th standard
  • The state of the art lab will also be set in these schools
  • The focus will also be given to the primary education and sports to enhance the physical standards of our children
  • The above scheme will automatically upgrade PM Shree schools to fulfill their modern needs during the course of their education.


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