NEET 2021 Preparation Tips: Use These Tips to Do Well in Your Exam

NEET 2021 Preparation Tips: Are you one of the NEET 2021 aspirants? If yes, then this is the right time to follow some tips before you sit for your exam. Find below some proven tips to do well in your exam.


neet prepration tips 2021


NEET 2021 Preparation Tips: NEET UG 2021 exam date has been declared. The exam will be conducted on September 12. Candidates need to work hard as only a few days are left for their exams.

Those who are interested to make their career in the medical field also need to score well to get a seat. As time has changed, a lot of changes have been made by the government.

And this has led candidates to be stressed. In order to make candidates free from any sort of tension, there are some tips and tricks that they can follow to perform well in the exam.


NEET UG 2021 Exam Pattern

If you are sitting for NEET UG 2021 Exam for the first time and don’t know the examination pattern, then this is the right time to have a look at this.  Please note that the exam pattern for NTA will have 4 sections altogether (Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology).

The exam will be held via offline mode using pen and paper. Each subject will carry 2 sections and carry 35 questions in each section. There will be an option for candidates to attempt any 10 questions from section B in all subjects. The exam will last for 3 hours.

You might have planned some strategies to crack this year’s NEET UG 2021 to perform well in the exam.


Concentrate on Revision

Time has gone to study as this is the right time to revise. This can be the best trick to crack the exam. As revision plays an eminent role to crack the exam, we suggest you to revise all the chapters thoroughly. It’s therefore recommended for candidates to revise all the topics that they have read earlier. This will help them remember easily.

Please note that the weekly revision strategy for all subjects plays a crucial role in securing more marks.


Focus on Accuracy

It’s better to try and improve your accuracy to solving questions. In order to do that, candidates need to focus on giving mock tests as this will help to score faster and also improves the accuracy levels.


Refer NCERT Textbooks for Physics

Candidates who are able to score well in their NEET UG exam generally score well in physics. And so, you also need to try and focus the subject as it can give you more marks than you expect. In order to improve your hold on physics, we suggest you to refer NCERT textbooks. Please refer all the material give in your NCERT books as it helps to power the concepts.


Take a hold of all the formulas and theory in physics and write them at a separate place. Don’t do the last time hard work. Only remember all the formulas against the given topics. It’s also recommended to prepare short notes to refer at the later stage.


Time to Clear Doubts

This is the time to clear your doubts than to work hard. Try to figure out your doubts in each chapter and then clear them one by one. Also, take the help from experts, if possible.

 But don’t get confused in any topic and waste time on that. If you feel a topic is out of reach, then don’t waste time on that. Move ahead and take up the next topic. Try to be confident.


Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Since only 15 days are left for NEET 2021 preparation, this is the time to take every step intelligently. The best tip at this time will be to solve as many previous years’ questions. It will help you give an idea about the difficulty level of the NEET exam.


Follow Your Time Table

Another crucial tip will be to follow your time table and act accordingly. This is the time when you should give equal time to all subjects. Since you already got so much time to prepare for the exam, this is the time to test your accuracy level. Try to give as many mock tests. Also read Reader’s Digest magazine for various tips.

Don’t forget to take enough sleep as well. It’s because without proper sleep, you won’t be able to concentrate in your exam. If you feel tired, just relax and take rest for some time.

The best tip here will be exercise regularly and take home made food to stay away from any sort of health related complication.



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