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In the last several years, India has been progressing very fast. Thanks to the digitalization that was made to happen by the government. In order to continue the good work for mankind, another application called mParivahan is made available to the citizens.

The app has a quite simple access and the user can have a number of road transport services which he can access on his mobile phone device anytime. The introduction of mParivahan Mobile App is basically meant to make both the transparency and regularity in transport services.


mParivahan App


All this can be achieved by mParivahan App which has so many functions and services that a user can have regarding transport services.

The present document is going to take you through this citizen-centric app launched by the Government of India. The article will also provide all the features available with this app along with other essential details.


What is mParivahan App


It was in the year when Shri Nitin Gadkari first launched mParivahan to take care of various RTO tasks. Please note that mParivahan is basically a mobile phone application allowing residents to get an access of all transport related services at one place.

The app can help you give other information like challans, paying taxes, emergency services, driving licenses, and more.

All you need to do is to click on any services you want to have. And so, you don’t need to carry hard copies of  vehicles. In short, the app happens to be a legal way of presenting the transport related data to official authorities.



mParivahan Mobile App Overview


Name of App M-Parivahan
Launched By Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
Launch year 2017
Application Type Mobile Based Application both Android and Apple
Developed By National Informatics Centre (NIC)
Beneficiaries  Indian Citizens
Official Transport Department Parivahan Sewa
Official website



mParivahan App Objectives


One of the prime objectives of launching the app is to help citizens with their transport related mess. With the onset of digitalization, almost everything has gone online which has actually made the life of common man easy.

In such a scenario, m-Parivahan tends to present all paperwork of vehicles in digital form. And so, there is no need to carry hard copies of your vehicle’s document with you. It’s legal to present your digital documents to the transport authorities whenever asked.



mParivahan App Features


  • The mParivahn Mobile App has created by Government of India which is available for residents
  • The app offers a user friendly interface where every citizen can explore its various services and benefits
  • It’s a single application for the need of entire nation
  • The documents presented through M-parivahan app or any other similar platform like Digilocker have the same legal standing
  • The app supports three languages Hindi, Marathi and English and users can set any language as per their preference
  • The mParivahn app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms



mParivahan App Benefits


  • Using the app, users can produce the digitalized form of documents like driving license (DL) or registration certificate (RC) anytime to traffic police check if they don’t carry them physically
  • You can locate the information on any car using the app, regardless of whether it was accidentally parked, stolen, or misplaced.
  • You can also check the verification of your vehicle
  • In case, you wish to purchase an already used vehicle, you can swiftly use this application to confirm the vehicle’s age and registration
  • You can also see notifications and warnings using the app
  • It’s possible to use a QR code just like a sticker on a virtual DL or RC
  • You can also access the check challan status along with payment details


mParivahan App Download and Sign up


  • Once you download the mParivahan app successfully, simply scroll down and click on “Sign In.”
  • In case, you already have an account, choose ‘sign up’ option
  • Enter your mobile number and terms of condition
  • Verify details by entering OTP sent to your mobile
  • This will create an mParvahan App for you
  • The top of the page will display your name and other details
  • Simply click sign in from the menu
  • Enter your account number or sign-up instead
  • Enter your mobile number and terms
  • Next, enter OTP sent to your mobile phone
  • Enter name and click “Submit” to complete your profile
  • This will establish an account for the user inside the mParvahan App
  • This will display user’s details immediately on the top of the page
  • After you complete the registration, you will be able to continue the app along with its features


mParivahan Create virtual RC


Using the mParivahan app (mparivahan), you can easily create a virtual RC. It will enable you to access RC on your phone within moments.

Take a look at some of the steps below to construct Virtual RC. Simply create a virtual RC by adhering to the following points:

  • First, open the mParivahan App
  • Select “Create Virtual RC” option
  • It will pop up the option of Virtual RC on the dashboard
  • Enter your RC number and hit search button
  • This will open a new window indicating your activity. Click OK button to continue
  • It will make appear all the information of your vehicle on the screen of your mobile device
  • Scroll down to check if there are any Challans. If yes, it will prompt you to “View Challan” option; otherwise, simply “Add to Dashboard for Virtual RC” to continue
  • Provide your engine number and chassis number to verify your RC
  • After validating your RC, you will receive a notification asking you to  “Go to the dashboard to verify your RC information.”
  • It will generate your Virtual RC and will be automatically shown on the dashboard
  • In order to see the Virtual RC information, go here. It will open QR code along with any other RC detail
  • You can now save your QR code in your device and can show it to authorities when necessary


mParivahan Create Virtual DL


  • Launch the M-Parivahan app installed previously on your mobile device
  • Next, select “My DL” from the menu that appears on the dashboard
  • Select  “Create virtual DL” on DL. Enter your DL number
  • This will pop up the information related to your DL
  • You can select “View Challan” if there is one
  • Next, verify your DL to verify your identity. Otherwise, simply click “Add to Dashboard for Virtual DL” button
  • Enter your date of both and choose  the “Verify” option
  • Your digital DL will now be created. You can crosscheck it by visiting the dashboard
  • Under the DL dashboard, you can check your virtual DL
  • This will display all the information related to Virtual Driving License with a QR code
  • Download your QR code and display it if you require it


Shala Darpan


mParivahan Pollution Checker


You can have a look at your nearest pollution center using the Mparivahan app. This app is right there for you to help you find a nearest pollution center.

The reason why it shows you nearby pollution centers mainly because it tracks your GPS location.



Search Driving License by using D.O.B in mParivahan Mobile App


Along with many other benefits, you can still use Mparivahan to search for a driver’s license by providing your date of birth.

  • First, open the mparivahan app on your phone
  • Click on the menu bar on top left corner
  • Select “Search DL with DOB” option
  • Next, provide your date of birth and your DL number
  • Enter all the information and double-check before you submit
  • Select the Search Button from the menu


PM Kisan


Search Challan with the mParivahan Mobile App


  • First, open the mparivahan app on your phone
  • Click on the menu bar on top left corner of Mparivahan application
  • Click “Search Challan” in the list
  • Select any one of them by RC or by DL number
  • Select any one and input the option’s specifics. Press search button



Procedure to Pay Tax using mParivahan App


  • First, open the mparivahan app on your phone
  • Click on the menu bar on top left corner of Mparivahan application
  • Choose “Pay Tax” option to see a few alternatives. Select “Pay Tax” from the menu
  • Enter the number of your car
  • You will now be able to verify after entering your vehicle number



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