KSRTC Asks Students To Apply For Bus Pass

KSRTC Asks Students To Apply For Bus Pass: As you might be aware that most schools in the Karnataka region above 9th standard and above have re-opened, KSRTC has therefore asked such students to apply for the bus pass. The classes for 9th class students have already opened and those who study in classes from 6th standard to 8th standard are set to open from September 6 onward.

As per the instructions, the students who ought to apply through the official seva sindhu portal, they need to produce all the valid documents in their respective schools or colleges along with the acknowledgement.


ksrtc bus pass

In the process to complete, schools and colleges also need to certify the submitted documents and send the same to KSRTC with corresponding fee. It’s only after completing these formalities, bus pass will be issued.

Students don’t need to be present physically at the KSRTC counters. Instead, they can directly apply to bus pass using online mode. As per the official release of the KSRTC, the procedure of issuing bus pass to students has already commenced from August 28.

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