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Kisan Suvidha Online Registration & Download Kisan Suvidha App, Check eligibility and status


Looking at the conditions of farmers in the country, different state governments have come forward to help them. One such step has been taken recently to help them using Kisan Suvidha App. The app has been quite effective in resolving farmer’s issues. For example, the app can be proved helpful in providing details to the agricultural needs of farmers.

In the present document, you can read the complete details of kisan Suvidha app. You will also know various benefits and objectives associated with this app.

If you are already using the Kisan Suvidha app 2022, you need to check all the details associated with it, especially the manner it can prove helpful for you.


Farmer Suvidha 2024


In order to facilitate the needs and interests of farmers, the government has launched the Kisan Suvidha App/Portal. Using this app, farmers can easily check various agricultural needs as and when they require.

Using this app, they can also check some other details like crop management, diseases, pests, weather, market price of crops and lots more.

All his can be nailed from this app so that farmers can plan in advance how they can best take care of their crops for maximum yield. Also, this app can be used both in Hindi and English languages.

Please also note that this app can be used for free which means farmers don’t need to pay any kind of fee to anyone. The data i the app is basically controlled by the block and state district level.

Kisan Suvidha App/Portal has been developed by Seva Dal CDAC Mumbai in association with the Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare in collaboration Mumbai.



Facilities available on Kisan Suvidha Portal/App


A number of facilities are loaded in the Portal/App:



Farmers can easily navigate through the app to find the related information regarding weather. There is a facility for the farmers to predict weather for the next 5 days. And so, they can plan their arrangements accordingly.



Using the above option, farmers can grab all the related information. For example, there is information like address, mobile number, name and more. Also, they don’t need to go anywhere o get the related information about dealers.


Market Price

Using this app, farmers can easily check all the related information regarding the market price. They can check this information for different states.


Plant Protection

Farmers can easily collect information related to conservation of their crops using this app. And so, they can easily help themselves to remove pests or any other type of harmful elements from their crops.


Photo Upload

In case, the condition of crops of farmers is not great, they have the facility to upload the picture of their crops. After they do so, they are provided with all the information from agricultural experts.


Kisan Call Center

The portal also has a direct link of kisan call center using which they can resolve their issues related to their crops.


Soil Health Card

Farmers can easily grab information related to the Soil Health Card. This is how they can make use of pesticides as per the need.



PM Kisan

Highlights of Kisan Suvidha 2022



Name of Portal Kisan Suvidha
Launched By Indian government
Beneficiary Farmers 
Purpose To provide information to farmers related to crops
Official Website
Year  2024



Objective of Kisan Suvidha Portal

One of the main objectives of Kisan Suvidha 2024 is to help farmers with all the related information of their crops.

Using this app, farmers can easily increase or enhance the overall yield of their crops.  The app is linked with so many added advantages using which they can predict everything in advance and can even use them for the benefit of their crops.

In addition to the above, there are many other facilities available using this app. For example, farmers can make use of it to improve conditions like weather and plant information, godown, cold storage, and many other facilities.

When farmers are able to achieve so many things related to their crops at any point of time, it will obviously help their living standard.


Features & Benefits of Kisan Suvidha App


  • The App/Portal is launched by the govt. to help farmers
  • Farmers can grab various type of information related to their crops
  • Through this app, they can gather information like pest control, crop management, market price and lot more
  • The app can prove beneficial in improving the overall quality of their crop yield
  • The app is available to use both Hindi and English languages
  • All the data on this app is basically controlled by the block and district level
  • Kisan Suvidha App/Portal is developed by Farmers Welfare and the team of Department of Agriculture Cooperation under Seva Dal CDAC Mumbai


Registration Process on Kisan Suvidha App


  • Open the Kisan Suvidha app on your mobile
  • Click ‘Register’ to open registration form
  • Enter all the crucial information
  • Upload all the documents necessary and then submit
  • You are now successfully registered at the app


How to download Kisan Suvidha App


  • Visit Google Play Store on your mobile phone
  • Search for Kisan Suvidha App to open the entire list
  • Click on the option Kisan Suvidha App from the list
  • Next, click install option
  • This will easily download the app


Registering process on the portal


kisan suvidha


  • Click register on the home page to open the registration form
  • Upload all the related information along with the registration form
  • Click submit
  • Your registration is now complete



A few links on Kisan Suvidha Portal



Facility Link
PM Kisan click here
Fertilizer click here
Kisan Rath click here
crop insurance click here
Agriculture Marketing & Procurement click here
KVK click here
soil fertility click here
organic farming click here
seeds click here
farm machinery click here
Horticulture click here
Training & Extension Service click here
government scheme click here


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