KCR Kit Scheme: Pregnant Women to Get Huge Benefit, Check Eligibility

Telangana’s KCR Kit Scheme 2023: The scheme has been launched which will provide immense benefits to pregnant women. If you wish, you can register at kcrkit.telangana.gov.in. You can even enroll at your local public health center.

By using KCR Kit, Midwife, Auxiliary Nurse, Deputy District Medical & Health officer or any other trained medical staff will be able to handle pregnancy enrollment.

The “KCR nutrition kit” is planned to be distributed to 1.25 lakh women yearly by the Finance Minister of Telangana state. It all proposed during the budget session of 2022-23.

In the present document, we are going to enlist the benefits and eligibility of KCR Kit Scheme.


Talangana KCR Kit Scheme 2023

The KCR Kit Scheme was kicked off for the pregnant women of the Telangana state. The scheme is valid for women of the state who prefer to give birth in a government hospital. To safely implement the scheme, a proper budget has been allocated for the KCR Kit for pregnant mothers and their newborns.

The core objective of this scheme is to help all pregnant women of the state with all the facilities they need during their pregnancy. The state government has offered Rs. 12,000 in cash aid in 3 phases.

The state government will further distribute a sum of Rs 1,000 if the child happens to be a girl. Pregnant women of the state can benefit this scheme for two births.

Under this scheme, the state government of Telangana is proposed to help with 16-item KCR Kit to mothers and their newborns right after the birth. The KCR Kit basically comprises a good quality of baby oil, soaps, dresses, a baby bed, sarees, shampoo, powder, diapers, napkins, and a towel.

In case, a newborn baby is a male, the mother will get an additional Rs 4,000 which will be directly credited into their bank accounts. However, if the mother delivers a female child, she will get an additional Rs 5,000.

Also, the beneficiary will get an additional Rs 2,000 after the first Immunization. The amount for 2nd Immunization is Rs 3,000.


April 30 Update: The KCR Nutrition Kit program was first launched in Telangana in the trial form. Today, it has been expanded in as many as 9 states. The state government of Telangana has already sanctioned Rs 273.327 crores across 33 districts of the state.

The KCR kit program aims to lower down the cases of anemia and also enhance their hemoglobin (Hb) levels. Each such kit includes 3 iron syrup bottles, 500 grams of ghee, a cup, 1 kg of nutritional mix powder, and 1 kg of dates.


The above program aims to distribute 13.08 lakh kits to around 6.84 lakh pregnant women of the state. The kit costs Rs 2,000 which will be given to pregnant women during their 2nd and 3rd prenatal visits (weeks 14 and 26 and 27 to 34).


KCR Nutrition Kit Program Details


Name of the Scheme  KCR Kit Scheme
Launch year 2023
Launch by Telangana’s state Government
Objective  Aid to Mother and newborns
Beneficiary Pregnant ladies
Mode online/ offline
Website kcrkit.telangana.gov.in


KCR Kit Scheme Objectives

The primary goal of this scheme is to help all pregnant women of the state with the best medical facility. The scheme aims to provide an extra financial aid on the birth of a girl child.


KCR Kit Scheme Benefits

  • The state government provides KCR Kit that comprises everything a women needs
  • As many as 16 necessities are included in the KCR Kit
  • It will cost Rs 15,000
  • All pregnant up to 2 births can utilize this scheme benefits
  • To take the advantage, expecting mothers first need to register at the Public Health Center
  • The overall health condition of pregnant women can be recorded by ASHA Workers
  • The pregnant women will also get a p[ick-up and drop facility if they need to travel to the Public Health Center
  • They need to produce documents like Aadhar card and DOB
  • DBT will be employed to send money to beneficiaries under the scheme


KCR kit Scheme Eligibility

Take a look at the KCR kit Scheme eligibility below:


  • The beneficiary needs to be a resident of the Telangana state
  • They should have their Aadhar card
  • The KCR kit Scheme is only available for up to 2 deliveries


KCR Kit Scheme Documents Required

  • Bank details
  • Mobile number
  • LMP Date
  • Address proof
  • Aadhaar card


KCR Kit Scheme Offline Registration

  • You need to visit a nearby Government hospital
  • You can then apply for KCR Kits
  • They can register for Asha benefits
  • You need to submit all the required details
  • The application you submit will first reach to the medical officer and then to a Deputy District Health and Medical Officer


KCR Kit Scheme Online Registration

  • Under the KCR Kit scheme, you need to first visit the official website
  • Next, login to the portal with your credentials
  • Click child/ mother registration on the homepage
  • Enter the beneficiary’s Aadhar and verify it with an OTP
  • Click on the new registration button to open a form
  • Enter the valid information
  • Enter details like ANC information, baby’s gender, day of delivery, and more


Check KCR Kit Application Status Online

  • You need to first check the official website if you have submitted the KCR Kit Application
  • Click login detail link on the homepage
  • Next, enter your login credentials with captcha code
  • Next, enter your ID number and check the status of your application button
  • This will show the status of your KCR Kit on your computer screen


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