Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme: Application Form, Eligibility & Benefits

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme: The Karnataka Government has initiated a new scheme for the benefit of farmers. The scheme is launched to help farmers get good salaries. Please note that this scheme is launched for the benefit of Karnataka state only. In this document, you will come across various benefits, eligibility, and more about this scheme.


Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2023

Karnataka Surya Raitha scheme is basically to help farmers of the state who find it tough to get power in their farms. As farmers constantly need electric supply to produce their crops, they also have to bear with huge electricity bills. This is how this scheme will directly benefit such farmers who get huge electricity bills in supplying power t their farms.

In order to rectify this issue, the state government has decided to help them with solar based power generation so that they could yield better crops along with no issue of power generation. Since pandemic, farmers happened to be most affected in the country; many farmers were lately spotted agitating against the farm bill.


Details of Karnataka Surya Raitha 2023


Name of the Scheme Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme
Launched By Karnataka Government
Beneficiary Farmers of the Karnataka state 
Objective To provide solar power generation
Official Website https://www.kredlinfo.in/


Working Of Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2023

Karnataka Surya Raitha  is a way to help farmers with water system as they are not required to switch on their IP Sets during the night. When sun based water system is used, they constantly check the force and water wastage.

Due to various benefits, Karnataka government has planned to implement this scheme through assets gathered from a mix of ranchers’ ventures, delicate advances from Bangalore Power Flexible Organization (BESCOM), and Focal and State Government sponsorship.

Also, BESCOM is proposed to recover the advance sum with the help of an overabundance of vitality traded in the matrix. Due to the above, the overall compensation time frame will be 12 to 14 years as it will take at least this much of time in the form of created power and usage.


Objective of Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2023

In order to implement the scheme, the Karnataka government has proposed the “Harobele Surya Raitha Vidyuthchakthi Balakedarara Sangha Niyamitha Society”. It is going to help the fruitful usage of this pilot venture. This is in view of the fact that general public is likely to get installments from BESCOM and finally disperse them among the ranchers.

You will come to see an increment in Agrarian Creation using the new scheme launched. It looks like there needs to be proper force flexibility during the daytime. In addition to the above, there will also be the consistent Wellspring of Pay for Ranchers even in unfavorable climatic conditions.

The above scheme will therefore help by providing vitality endowment to the ranchers. In addition to the above, the sun based water pump will also diminish BESCOM’s framework cost as well.


Benefits Of Surya Raitha Karnataka

The Surya Raitha scheme has been finally launched by the Karnataka government to provide solar pump sets to the ranchers. It will also help them by providing current water system pump sets with sun-based water pumps to generate excess energy. At present, the state government has launched the scheme as a pilot project in Kanakapura on 19 January 2019.

In this initial stage, the Karnataka Government is likely to supplant 310 IP sets with sunlight-based water pump sets. These sun based pumps pump 1.5 times more water as compared to the current IP pump Sets.


Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Please take a note of the following eligibility criteria to apply for the above scheme:

  • You must be a permanent citizen of the Karnataka state
  • You need to be a farmer by profession
  • You must have your own land
  • You need to be constantly engaged in the farming profession


Documents Required

You need to submit the below listed documents to apply for this scheme:

  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Identity Proof
  • Bank Account Details
  • Land Details
  • Residential Proof
  • Aadhar Card

Application Procedure Of Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2023       

Currently, there is not much information shared by the state government of Karnataka as this is a newly launched scheme. Meanwhile, you may click on this link to official notification of the above scheme.



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