Karnataka Govt Reserves One Percent Vacancies for Transgenders in Govt Jobs

This is going to be the perfect one for the transgenders community. The update is coming from Karnataka where the state government has decided to recruit transgenders for govt jobs falling under different categories

Karnataka govt has issued a notification in this regard. As per the current provision for transgenders, 1% vacancies will now be reserved under each category including Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste and General along with Other Backward Classes.

In order to make this official, amendments to the general recruitment under Karnataka civil services instruct different recruiting authorities to provide a separate column to help candidates identify ‘others’ instead of male or female.

Take a look at what the amendment read, .in all direct recruitment, one percentage of vacancies set apart for that method in each of the categories of General Merit, SC, ST and in each of the categories among Other Backward Classes, subject to any general instruction that may be issued by the government regarding the manner of appointment, be filled from among transgender candidates,” it read.

This new update will be applicable under new Rule 9. You might be thinking about the rules and definition that describe transgenders. well, it will be decided as per the Transgender Protection of Rights under 2019 Act of the Union Government.

Now, as per this act, a transgender will be identified whose gender is under wraps at the time of birth. And so, such people include transwoman or transwoman. It will include those individuals who have undergone any kind of laser therapy, hormone therapy or any sort of sex reassignment surgery.

It will also include those with gender queer, intersex variations and some other identities given to them like jogta, aravani, hijra and kinner.

The amendment further states that if due to any reason sufficient number of transgenders are not available to fill out 1% of posts, in such cases, the vacancies will then be filled by male or female candidates under the same category.

The official notification under Karnataka Civil Service 1977 was issued only on Tuesday. It came right after a month when the state government had earlier submitted a draft petition to the Karnataka high court to reserve govt jobs (up to 1%) falling under transgender community.

Please note that the above proposal to reserve jobs for transgenders up to 1% of the total vacancies in all categories became applicable after the hearing of a PIL originally filed by an NGO named Sangama (A Human Rights Group).





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