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In this document, you will learn about JK EMP Portal 2022, its benefits, login procedures and other detail. The new thing here to learn is that Jammu and Kashmir government has commenced a new online website Employee Performance Monitoring Portal.

This is also the official website or EMP portal having address epm.jk.gov.in. The above website is basically created to gauge the duties of Jammu and Kashmir state employees.

The benefit of the above website is that every other state government employee will be monitored about his duties towards the nation. And so, every worker has been notified that they need to maintain the web portal by updating the information by the 7th of every month.


JK EPM Portal 2023

As you can see, the J&K government has created a brand new website which is also known as Employee Performance Monitoring (EMP) Portal.

The benefit of this portal will be such that candidates can easily gain access to the EMP portal by simply visiting the official website epm.jk.gov.in.

There are a number of advantages of Employee performance monitoring. The first advantage is that it helps to monitor every state government employee about their duties.

Their work won’t be complete unless they submit all the relevant information on the EMP site by the 7th of every month.

After the state govt. level employees update the web portal, the official governing authority has to assess the EMP portal latest by March 15, 2022.

After the EMP portal has been created, it has become easy for all the government workers in J&K to sign up on the website. The final authority in this case will be the administration of Jammu and Kashmir.


MP Rojgar Portal


JK EPM Portal Overview

Creating a website has always given a better performance. And when this formulation applied to the state government of Jammu and Kashmir, all the desired results were notified.

In order to help the state perform better, the state government decided to create a website to monitor the efficiency and performance of state government employees.

Using this online platform, the state government will be able to keep a track how well employees of the state are performing their jobs.

The online web portal can be accessed only by those who work for the Jammu and Kashmir state government. By creating such a portal, the state government can timely analyze the work progress as well as the individual performances of their employees.

In order to use the portal, employees need to sign up for the portal and then start using their credentials which will be given to log in to the portal.

In addition to the above, the user has to obtain SANDES Mobile application from the Google Play store. In order to get it, they just need to download the application from the Google Play Store.

Next, the portal allows the staff to simply validate their report status along with all the supervise information.

It’s quite obvious that workers start working more diligently if their performance is monitored online by superiors.


JK EPM Portal Highlights


Name of Portal EMP Portal
Year of Launch 2022
Launched By Chief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir
Objective Keep a track of Govt workers
State Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)
Beneficiary Government Employees of J&K state
Application Mode Online 
Official Website www.epm.jk.gov.in


National Scholarship Portal


JK EPM Portal Objectives

The core reason why JK government has installed the Sandes app is to gauge how well the state government employees perform their duties.

It also helps them to analyze how well employees of different departments perform. Using the portal, they can easily measure their performance every month.



JK EPM Portal Benefits

There are some benefits using the portal like:

  • The portal helps to track the performance of state government employees
  • It ensures the smooth running of employee grievances
  • The web portal is quite effective
  • The benefits can also be in the form of evaluation of these state level government employees by their control officers


JK EPM Portal Eligibility

Take a look at the eligibility of using this portal by the officials:

  • Users must be from Jammu and Kashmir
  • Users must be state Government Employees


JK EPM Portal Documents

If you are one of the valid users and wish to access the portal, you need to first register using documents:

  • Mobile Number


JK EPM Portal Registration Process

Follow the below mentioned steps to register on the portal successfully:


JK EPM Portal


  • First, you need to visit the EPM-JK official website  epm.jk.gov.in
  • Click “Registration/Login” tab after reaching the homepage
  • Select the tab “New User” after returning to the sign-in page
  • A sign-up page will appear
  • Enter your CPISID and press the Get Details button
  • Select ‘Send’ from the drop-down menu after completing the sign-up process
  • Your sign-in credentials will be sent directly after you complete your registration



JK EPM Portal Login


JK EPM Portal Login


  • First, navigate the EMP portal which is epm.jk.gov.in Login Link
  • Click ‘login’ tab after you reach the main page
  • Enter your details like user name, verification code and password
  • Finally click on the “Sign in” option



JK EPM Portal Login Sandes App

  • First, locate the “Sandes App” in the Google Play Store
  • Check for the app and install it in your mobile phone
  • After the installation is complete, you will receive a welcome message
  • You may be asked to supply for phone number to enter your OTP
  • Complete your application by providing your details like your name, profile photo, and gender
  • You are expected to tell the app where you are and sync your contact list



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