IIT Guwahati to Introduce MS (Research) Programme In E-Mobility

IIT Guwahati has recently introduced a new course to groom the career of their students.  The university has introduced a new programme titled MS (Research) programme in E-mobility.

The above programme will involve the course of Automotive OEM, Automotive Tier I and Tier II Supplier along with research laboratories. The admission process is expected to kick start from June 15, 2020.

The newly introduced programme by IIT Guwahati will give an edge to all the students studying in the premiere institute of the country. In the ongoing global recession, it is very necessary to keep experimenting and trying out different things that could help students in giving them more career opportunities.

This is a well initiative taken by the IIT Guwahati faculty members and the management who have introduced this course to their students. The great point here is that the above course will give rise to various career opportunities that will eventually help them to rise even better.

There is one fact that needs to be understood before going into the details of the newly launched course by the IIT Guwahati. The candidates should keep in mind that it is going to be a multi-disciplinary course to be offered by the Departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The course will be implemented in the current academic session of 2020-2021 so that the students would get an opportunity to find various recruitment opportunities in the future.

The launch of the above course in E-mobility has become possible only after the initiatives by the Central Government in various formats. This actually helped the concerned IIT to launch the programme along with announcing some incentives and schemes to promote electric mobility in the country.

As you can see, especially under the current economic situation and pollution, the concept of the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has given rise to a handful of opportunities.

This is what an IIT-G spokesperson revealed, “It is imperative to be prepared to extract maximum out of this unique opportunity. A significant step towards the prepardness in training the next generation in EV technology. To address this, the institute has launched this new programme in e-mobility”.

He further elaborated that there is need to enhance a much needed MS Research programme that needs to be build on the world class level. This is going to help the country for the needs of the students and would ensure them to earn more skills in their career.

Well, this is going to be a unique programme as the director of IIT-G himself quoted saying, “IIT Guwahati is looking forward to fostering interactions with the industry in frontier technologies, including introducing courses on EV and e-mobility technologies so that highly trained manpower is readily available to work in these interdisciplinary areas and the country keeps pace with the global trend of competitiveness”.

You can always refer to the official website of IIT Guwahati or can even refer to govt Job Hiring page for any updates in this regard.


IIT Guwahati MS (Research) Programme In E-Mobility Seats


As per the current recommendations by the IIT, a total of 20 seats are being offered to the students. Out of these 20 seats, 10 seats will be available for those who have already completed their BTech in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Production Engineering.

However, the remaining 10 seats will be for the industry sponsored students.

As per the IIT-G release, there will be a written test for all those students who want to take admission in the E-mobility course with or without an interview.

Another thing worth noted here is that the IIT has launched the course only after consulting with the leaders of the automobile industry.

Another thing worth needs to be mentioned here si that the above course is not only meant to enhance the theoretical knowledge of the students in the automobile sector but also to give them knowledge with the laboratory work as well.

And this is why the entire curriculum has been designed so that one third of the syllabus is purely dedicated to the laboratory work that basically comprise of both the modelling based experiments and the hardware work.

Please note that the upcoming syllabus under e-mobility will cover topics like Modelling, E-Mobility, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Gynamics and Control of EVs, Conversion and Energy Storage.

Professor Praveen Kumar who happens to be the coordinator of the above programme clarified, “The above programme offered by the IIT is a collaboration between the industry and academia as it covers topics like smart mobility, EV drive train design and control, EV testing standards and protocols, charging infrastructure and V2G, among various other topics”. He said.


IIT Guwahati MS (Research) Programme In E-Mobility Opportunities


Professor Santosha K Dwivedy who heads the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati discussed about the various opportunities that the above course will introduce to the students.

This is what he said, “The above programme in e-mobility is going to give an opportunity to both the students and engineers to develop their related skills in the areas like manufacturing, design and the maintenance of electric vehicles with their components by using the state of the art techniques.”

The premiere institute further believes that the above programme in the arena of e mobility will groom the students in both technical ways as well as in their skill development process.

Besides various projects and theories, the programme is going to have 3 Semesters dedicated for the project work. In this time, the students will be asked to deliver projects that will be related to the field of control systems, driver train design, autonomous vehicles, V2G, battery management systems and more.

Along with all the above, the concerned IIT is also planning to introduce various seminars and sessions that will be specifically delivered by the industry experts. The aim is just to make them aware of all the newly launched techniques in their related field of expertise.

This is what an IIT-G official added, “The students will be provided with top level computational and experimental facilities that are to be strictly executed for the project work”. He said.





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