IGRS Uttarakhand 2024: Uttarakhand Stamp Duty & Registration Charges, Services

IGRS Uttarakhand: Do you know how the entire Uttarakhand receives its revenue? Well, it all happens through IGRS Uttarakhand. The revenue comes forth to the state in the form of transfer duties, registration fees, and stamp duty.

Out of various revenue collecting departments in this regard, Uttarakhand Stamp and Registration Department is the core revenue-generating department. These departments are made in charge of not only generating income but also to protect citizen’s property. And this is primarily done by keeping a track of their transactions.

It finally gives a detailed information regarding Stamp and Registration Uttarakhand.


IGRS Uttarakhand


IGRS Uttarakhand 2024

  • IGRS is also known as Inspector-General of Revenue and Stamps. It’s basically imposed on the state and is responsible of collecting a number of property and related taxes.
  • In compliance with the Registration Act of 1908, individuals purchasing a property in Uttarakhand are afforded the convenience of online registration and stamp duty payment through the IGRS Uttarakhand portal.
  • This is facilitated by the online Public Data Entry (PDE) option, ensuring ease of access to services and transparency.
  • As per the Uttarakhand Compulsory Marriage Act of 2010, the Stamp and Registration Department of Uttarakhand offers online marriage registration services.
  • To avail these facilities, you need to visit the official IGRS Uttarakhand website at https://registration.uk.gov.in.


IGRS Uttarakhand 2024 Highlights


Name of the Scheme IGRS Uttarakhand
Full Name IG Revenue & Stamps 
Department Stamp & Registration 
State Uttarakhand
Responsible for To impose property and other taxes
Official Website https://registration.uk.gov.in/


IGRS Uttarakhand Stamp Duty & Registration Charges 2024


Applicants Stamp Duty Charges  Registration Charges
Female  3.75 % 2 %
Male  5 % 2 %
Joint  4.37 % 2 %
Joint (Male +Male) application 5 % 2 %


How to calculate Stamp Duty & Registration Charges in Uttarakhand online

You need to adhere to the below given steps to calculate stamp duty and registration charges:

  • First, you need to visit the official website, https://registration.uk.gov.in/
  • Next, click E-valuation link once you reach the homepage
  • Next, select district and sub-registrar’s office (SRO)
  • Select Sub-Article/Sub-Deed and Article/Deed
  • Next, enter your details like Municipality, Gender, Category, etc.
  • It will finally open the stamp duty and registration charges


How to Search for a registered document in Uttarakhand

  • Visit the official website of the Stamp and Registration Department, Uttarakhand: https://registration.uk.gov.in/
  • Click on the “E-search (Search for registered document)” link on the homepage.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page with various search options:
  • Village Name
  • Party Name
  • Property Number
  • PDE Number
  • Registration Number
  • Registration Date
  • Choose one of the options and enter the relevant details.
  • After inputting all necessary information, the registered documents associated with the property will be displayed.


IGRS Uttarakhand Contact Details

  • Helpline: 0135-2669905


IGRS Uttarakhand FAQ’s


What’s all about IGRS Uttarakhand?

IGRS Uttarakhand officially handles the stamping and registration of property. Citizens can access IGRSUK services through the official Department of Stamps and Registration website at https://registration.uk.gov.in/.

Are there any rules made against the Uttarakhand’s stamp duty?

In Uttarakhand, the stamp duty rates fluctuate between 3.75% and 5%, contingent upon the category and gender classification.


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