Govt Says 6 Crore People Still Have Aadhar Numbers With No UIDAI Mechanism to Trace

As per the latest data shared by the government, almost 6 crore people still have Aadhar numbers as these Aadhar numbers can’t be deleted now. This is what government told the Lok Sabha today.

Also, the above numbers are just an estimate as there is no mechanism in place with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to check if the above Aadhaar number holders are alive or dead.

This is what Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who’s the minister for state for electronics and information technology has to say, “UIDAI informed that, as on 28 February 2023, more than 136 crore Aadhaar numbers have been issued by it and that, after adjusting for the estimated number of deaths, the estimated number of living Aadhaar number holders is 130.2 crore, which is over 94% of the total projected population for 2022.”


Govt Says 6 Crore People Still Have Aadhar Numbers; No UIDAI Mechanism to Trace

According to the reply given in this regard, all Union territories (UTs) and states are already projected to have population of 137.30 crore. But the data doesn’t match as up to 94.83% or 130.20 crore Aadhaar numbers assigned are live.

Mr Chandrasekhar further states, “At present, there is no mechanism to receive the Aadhaar number of deceased persons from the registrars appointed by state governments under the provisions of the registration of births and deaths act for the registration of births and deaths, to deactivate Aadhaar,” he said.

Another MP (member of Parliament) asked if there is a valid way to deactivate the Aadhaar of a deceased person. He also raised concern if UIDAI considered the deactivation of Aadhaar of the dead at the time of issuing them a dead certifictae.

The minister added, “UIDAI has apprised that the registrar general of India had sought the Authority’s suggestions on draft amendments to the Act regarding capturing of the Aadhaar number of a deceased person while issuing the death certificate, for subsequent sharing of the Aadhaar number by the registrar with the Authority for deactivation of Aadhaar.” he said.

Mr Chandrsekhar, while replying to a query stated that the census commissioner of India and the registrar general office have no plan using Aadhaar data for the upcoming census. The data revealed by the government stated that as many as 9 states were assigned more Aadhar numbers as compared to their projected population till 2022.

All the states with saturation percentage of more than 100% include Uttarakhand (100.85%), Telangana (101.78%), Punjab (102.56%), Lakshadweep (108.84%), Kerala (105.06%), Himachal Pradesh (104.61%), Haryana (101.22%), Goa (103.79%), and Delhi (108.66%).


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