What is Gap Certificate & How to Get Gap Certificate Online

What is Gap Certificate, Gap Certificate Format, Documents Required , How to create online Gap Certificate


There are times in almost everybody’s lives when you have to take a gap in your studies. The reason of taking gap between studies can be many. For example, you like to engage in any other thing including a job and wish to continue with your studies again.

In such a situation, you will require one which you need to produce at the time of taking admission to your school or college after a gap. In this document, we are going to provide you with Gap Certificate along with other related information.


What is Gap Certificate?

It’s basically a non-judicial stamp paper which acts as a proof to continue your studies after a gap. The certificate also has the reason why you had a gap in your studies. This helps the overall process of taking admission easier for you. It is a self written document where you confess about the reason why you took a gap between your studies.

For example, you may mention in the certificate that you had to take a gap in your studies due to financial problems. So, with the help of this Certificate, you can again get admission to continue your studies. Further, you can easily get it either from a registrar or a lawyer. At the same time, you can also seek a GAP certificate online by visiting the official website.


Reasons for making gap certificate

As we mentioned above, there can be several reasons why you would discontinue your studies. In all such cases, you will require the certificate. Check out some of the reasons below:

  • There are financial issues due to which you have to take a gap in your studies
  • It may also happen at the time of some family emergency
  • There are cases where some parents get married at an early stage. And so, marriage can also become a big gap to leave studies
  • Sometimes, your education is not completed even after taking up a job
  • There are often cases where one has to leave studies due to health issues
  • Some people start their own business and leave their studies behind


How to make Gap Certificate after 12th?


If you have taken a gap after passing your 12th class, then in such a situation, you will require a it to continue your education. For example, you are seeking admission in a college after taking a gap of 1-2 years; you will need such a certificate to supply reason for your gap.

To get your certificate, you will need a stamp paper made from gap year from any lawyer by spending Rs 100 or more. Also, you need to register the reason of your gap. Further, you will also have to supply all your educational documents to make authorities aware that the information you supplied to them is valid and authentic.


National Scholarship Portal


Documents needed 


  • Aadhar Card
  • Mark sheet
  • Transfer certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Identity card
  • Birth certificate


How to make offline gap certificate?

You are free to make it online or offline. If you wish to get it offline, you will require a stamp paper of Rs 50 or Rs 100. You can also take a Rs 10 stamp paper for it.

You can directly take the required help from a lawyer to get your offline gap certificate. In the offline mode, your gap certificate should have been typed by a typewriter.

It should also have mentioned the reason of gap between your studies. In other words, you can get it notarized on stamp paper. Finally, it will help create your Gap Certificate offline.


How to create Online Gap Certificate?

  • For the online mode, you need to visit the official website https://www.edrafter.in/
  • Next, visit the home page of the website

gap certificate


  • You can check the certificate form given on the home page
  • Enter all the information in the form carefully by selecting your state
  • After you enter all the valid information, you need to click on Add to Cart option given below
  • It will make your online payment
  • After this step, the process of applying gap certificate is complete
  • After it is generated online, it will be sent to your mailing address



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