Employment Portal of Delhi Govt Flooded With Job Seekers After Lockdown

Delhi Government’s Employment Portal Flooded With Job Seekers: The country has seen the toughest times in the form of lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis. The lockdown proved beneficial to curb the coronavirus, but at the same time proved disastrous for hundreds of employees and job seekers.

It’s because the lockdown became the reason of job loss for hundreds of people working in different organizations. At the same time, Delhi govt’s employment portal also witnessed a huge surge in the number of new applicants or job seekers across the capital to apply for different Delhi govt jobs.

To be precise, the job portal of Delhi govt, also known as jobs.delhi.gov.in saw a total of 1,000 new job aspirants on every day basis.

Now, if we talk about the online job portal of Delhi, it managed to receive a total of 75,000 connections between employees and job seekers in the month of June alone.

The above surge clearly signifies a huge rush of jobseekers who wish to apply in different govt job positions. In short, they are looking to find an employment as per their qualification and experience.

As per the inputs received, the huge surge on the job portal came as a result of some crucial economic activities after a strict 7 week lockdown. It was implemented to basically curb the 2nd wave of coronavirus that has devastated the entire country.

As per an update, more than 300 govt jobs openings are being posted on the job portal of the Delhi government on a daily basis. Like every time, the number of opportunities remained far less as compared to the actual demand.

As per the data collected, close to 34,212 job seekers were registered on the job portal between June 1 to June 30 against 9,522 new openings.

Considering this on the every day basis, close to 2,500 connections were made between the employers and job seekers. And this happened through various online modes like phone calls, WhatsApp along with the direct connections to the employers.

As per a govt. spokesperson, almost 75,000 connections were made in the entire month of June alone.





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