eDistrict UP Login & Certificate Status- Uttar Pradesh Income/Caste/Residence

eDistrict UP: Are you a resident of Uttar Pradesh (UP)? If yes, then you might have found yourself into a difficult situation while applying for different state government services like revenue services, licensing services, cast certificates and many more.

Almost all of them require proper documentation, and for that you need to procure a number of government documents and certificates.

For a common man, it becomes almost impossible to arrange so many documents at the same time. But now, there is a proper solution that has come up under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Looking at the power of digitalization, the state government of Uttar Pradesh has implemented the work of certificate application and verification through UP eDistrict portal.

By visiting the portal, you will also get the information about eDistrict UP login process and registration.


Portal Name eDistrict UP
Services Available Revenue certificates, Licensing certificates, Certificate services, etc.
Official Website https://edistrict.up.gov.in/edistrictup


eDistrict UP

There are certain mandatory certificates that you always need like UP Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate, and caste certificate in order to accomplish a number of government related work in UP.

By visiting eDistrict UP Nic In, you will know about the procedure of processing your online application and verification of any of these certificates.


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The above web portal is specifically designed to make and verify various government related certificates like income certificate, cast certificate, domicile certificate, resident certificates and more using Uttar Pradesh Public Service Portal edistrict.up.nic.in “E-District ”.

But in order to make all your certificates ready, you need to visit your nearest service center. And within a time span of 2-3 days, all your certificates will be ready.



There are various services needed by a common man like revenue litigation, public distribution system, exchange, pension and other similar services that have been included on this portal launched by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government.

Now, with the help of this portal, common citizens of UP can easily get the required facility of the delivery of any related services at one place. In order to make the work feasible for everyone, a number of public service centers are being constructed by the District Service Provider (DSP) at Panchayat level. If you wish to avail more information on this, you can always visit https://edistrict.up.gov.in/.


eDistrict UP Login

You are required to visit the eDistrict UP Login page if you wish to check the current status of your certificates or want to accomplish many other tasks at the same time. After you login in by visiting the above page, just fill all the required information to know more details.

edistrict up login

E District Login UP: From the above box, select your login type by entering your valid username and password.


EDISTRICT.UP.NIC.IN Certificate Status

EDISTRICT.UP.NIC.IN Certificate Status: In case, you wish to check the current status of your certificates, you are required to check this on EDISTRICT.UP.NIC.IN. Kindly follow the steps below:

  • First, visit the official website
  • Click on the link “Application Status” that appears on the main page and fill all the necessary information
  • You can also check the current status of your application by visiting “Important Links” section


eDistrict UP Certificate Verification


eDISTRICT Verification UP: After you are able to create your resident certificate, income certificate and caste certificate, you can verify this by following these steps:

  • First, visit the eDistrict UP portal “E-District ”.
  • Click on the link “Verification of Certificate” after you visit the “E-District ” portal
  • After you click on the above link, you can easily verify by simply entering the serial number of your certificate


Important update: All those citizens whose income and caste certificates were made before 2015, they don’t have to go through any kind of online verification.

Instead, they will need to visit Tehsil for the personal verification of their certificates that were made before 2015. However, they can always opt for a new certificate.



Validity Of Domicile Certificate / domicile certificate validity


Validity of Domicile Certificate: If you wish to make a domicile certificate, it will remain valid for a period of 3 years. However, it can still be used for more than the above period.

In case, you already have your original residence certificate for 3 or more years, then you should try and grab a new one so that the validity of your certificates like residence certificate, also known as niwas praman patra ki validity, domicile and resident certificates remains.


Validity of Caste Certificate

Just like the above, caste certificates are valid for up to a period of 3 years. But in some extreme cases, they can be used for more than 3 years.

But in most of the cases, your resident certificate is made for over 3 years, you should try to get a new one to maintain the validity of your certificate.


Validity of Income Certificate

Income certificates are valid for up to a period of 3 years. But in some extreme cases, they can be used for more than 3 years.

But in most of the cases, your resident certificate is made for over 3 years, you should try to get a new one to maintain the validity of your certificate.


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eDistrict Application Status

Please follow the below given steps to check the status of your e-District resident or income certificate completion:

  • First, visit https://edistrict.up.gov.in/edistrictup/
  • Next, visit the home page of e-District Uttar Pradesh
  • Click on the “Application Status” link to open a status tracking form
  • Enter your e-District Application Number
  • Finally, click on the search to check the status of your UP e district application



If you follow all the above steps carefully, you can easily check your income, caste and resident certificate application status.


UP Online

In the present era of digitalization, the state government of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has made entire system flexible through UP Online system using which the citizens can apply for any services online by sitting at the comfort of their homes.


Few questions related to e-district portal      


How to get your Income/Caste/Residence Certificate in Uttar Pradesh?

If you are interested to make your income, caste or resident certificate in Uttar Pradesh, you need to contact your nearest Jan Seva Kendra


How to Check Your Certificate Status on eDistrict Uttar Pradesh Portal?

In order to check the current status of your application, you need to visit the official website and can easily search by simply entering your application number online


How to make UP Edistrict Login?

If you wish to login UP Edistrict, you just need to visit the official website and enter your correct username and password


How long it takes to generate income/caste/residence certificate?

In most of the cases, these certificates are generated within 2-3 days. But in some extreme case, it may take up to 7 days.


In the above post, we have covered some valuable information for EDISTRICT.UP.NIC.IN.

We have also included some crucial information related to Edistrict Login and Certificate Status to make income, caste or resident certificates on E-District UP Portal. For any further details, you can always visit the official website edistrict up gov in.



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