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This post narrates you to the importance of CG E District Portal. You will also come to know about Chhattisgarh e-district portal and also to know how to register on this portal. As the title suggests, Chhattisgarh e-district portal was first started by the Chhattisgarh state government. It’s meant for the benefits and welfare of state level citizens. Using this portal, the residents of Chhattisgarh will be able to apply online for getting any certificate.



What is Chhattisgarh e-district portal?


In the past, you might have witnessed Chhattisgarh residents standing in long queues and making rounds of government offices to get their documents like resident certificate, caste certificate and income certificate.

But now, they don’t need to worry as the process has been made streamlined. With the introduction of CG E District Registration, people belonging to the Chhattisgarh state can easily get these certificates online without standing in long ques.

And if you require any of these essential documents, you simply need to apply online. And so, the main purpose of launching CG E District Registration is to provide online facility to common citizens.



Chhattisgarh E District Portal


The core benefit of Chhattisgarh E District Portal is that common citizens of Chhattisgarh state can easily apply any of these certificates online and get the same by sitting at the comfort of their homes.

Not only this, they can even check the status of their certificates at any time they want. As you see, this saves a lot of time.

So, the best way is to apply online through Chhattisgarh e-district portal. You can easily apply any certificate like Domicile Certificate, Marriage Registration & Certificate, Birth Registration & Certificate and SC/ST Certificate.



Services under CG E District


In this section, you will come to know about e-district portal of the Chhattisgarh state using which you can get any of the certificates given below:

  • Income certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Marriage registration
  • Birth certificate
  • Birth registration
  • Caste certificate
  • SC/ST Certificate

In case, you need any of the above certificates, you simply need to apply online to get the same.



Licensing Services


If you are a resident of the Chhattisgarh state and need any type of license, you just need to visit Chhattisgarh e-district portal and get the same. There can be so many licenses you may require:

  • Driving license
  • Shop and Establishment Registration License
  • Weights & Measures Manufacturers New License
  • Agro-fertilizer license
  • Pesticide license

As you see, you can get any of the above listed licenses by registering through the given portal. The average time it takes to get any of these certificates online is of  one month to one and a half month.


Revenue services


Just like the above, you can also get revenue services licenses using the Chhattisgarh e-district portal.

  • Court Order Certificate Revenue Court
  • Relief aid natural disasters
  • Agricultural Land / Converted RBC 6
  • Chhattisgarh Kerosene Merchant License      


You can get all types of certificates using the online portal.



Chhattisgarh e-district portal online application process


In order to apply online using Chhattisgarh e-district portal, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:


  • Visit the official website to apply online on Chhattisgarh e-district portal
  • Once you visit the official website, you land on the home page of the portal
  • Next, click on the option ‘Citizen‘ after you land on the home page
  • Click Here for New Registration‘ if registering for the first time
  • A new form will appear on your screen
  • After you fill the form, click on the submit button
  • Click on the option ‘Certificate Service’ after you are logged in
  • By clicking the above option, a list of certificate services will appear
  • Next, fill the information related to the certificate by clicking on it
  • Here you need to scan and upload the relevant documents
  • Doing this will complete the process of your online application


After you complete the online registration process, you will be given a unique online registration number.



CG E District Registration Status Checking


You can check the status of e district cg registration by going through the following points:

First,  visit the official website to check the status of your online application

Next, click on the option ‘ Check Application Status‘ after reaching to the home page

Enter your registration number using the option ‘Enter Registration Number’. And this is the right way to check the status of your online application.



How to check the list of certificate services on e-district portal?


Please adhere to the following points to check the list of certificate services on e-district portal:

  • First, visit the home page of the official website of e-district cg portal
  • On the ‘Services Section’ click on the option ‘Certificate Services from this section
  • After you click on the above option, you will see a list of services on the next page that appears in front of you


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