Bihar Ration Card 2023: How to Apply Bihar Ration Card Online

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You might not be aware of the benefits of a ration card if you have not used the one. To be precise, there are so many uses of a ration card apart from getting ration at subsidized rates.

Earlier, when the income of families were quite low, most families had no option but to get their ration and daily need items at subsidized rates from the government.

Now, the residents of Bihar are going to have this facility by getting Bihar Ration Card Online through the official website. You can get the one while sitting at home.

The present document will help you with all the procedures to get it online. Using these procedures, you can get Bihar New Ration Card. So, if you wish to get it, you need to read the post till the end.


Bihar Ration Card 2023


If you are one of the citizens of the Bihar state and wish to get a new ration card or even want to renew it, you can easily apply it online by visiting the official website of Department of Food and Consumer Protection.

This is bound to make the process easier as the people of the state don’t ever need to visit the Department of Food and Consumer Protection to create their Bihar Ration Card.

For example, the APL/BPL Ration Card is made by the government of Bihar and the Food Department of the state as per the economic status of the beneficiary. People whose age is over 178 years can swiftly apply for the Application Form 2023.


Getting Bihar Ration Card


In the recent past, the Bihar state government has implemented a major change towards procuring a Bihar Ration Card through online mode.


Bihar Ration Card


And now, the citizens of Bihar can easily get the one anytime during the entire year. And so, the  system is completely open and you can easily make the one just like your voter ID card.

As per a recent update in this regard, it has been told by the state government of Food that Bihar has become the first state to have simplified the process creating ration cards.

For example, in the COVID lockdown, as many as 23.5 lakh new ration cards were created by the Bihar government. Not only that, after June, over 1 lakh new ration cards were made till December.

As per an update, there exists as many as 1 crore 76 lakh ration card holders in the Bihar state. To be precise, Bihar needs up to 4.25 lakh metric tonnes of wheat and rice per month which is actually delivered to every poor citizen of the state. Currently, the government has made the entire system Ration Card online.

It’s the last month when the Bihar government had distributed up to 5 lakh 19 thousand metric tonnes of food grains.


Speed ​​up the process of Bihar Ration Card Aadhaar Seeding

The current update in this regard is also signaling that Ration Card will be linked to Aadhar card. The work in this direction is already under process. Every day, as many as 1000 to 1200 Aadhaar seedings are being completed in the state.

Looking at the above, a target has been set by the state government to link Ration Card to Aadhar Cards by the end of March 2023. Those citizens won’t be provided any ration whose Aadhar cards are not linked with their Ration Cards.


About Bihar Ration Card 2023 Application Form

Ration card has been made available in three classes. The first will be APL Ration Card which is basically issued by the state government to the family of the poor above the poverty line. The color of the APL is orange.

Families that come below the poverty line and their income is less than 10000 rupees are issued BPL Ration Card. The color of BPL ration card is red.

Families that are very poor are issued with AAY ration card. The color of AAY ration card is yellow. Please note that all these ration cards are issued with rspect to the family income and status.


Bihar APL BPL Ration Card 2023

If you have a Ration Card, you can easily get food grains at subsidized rates. Since the citizens of the state are economically weak and can’t purchase food items on their own, they are given this kind of leverage of making this card.


Purpose of Bihar Ration Card 2023

Earlier, people had to visit to a number of government offices for their daily requirements, there is no need to do such a hard work any longer.

Thanks to the online system through which you can make a government issued the Card. In order to make the one, you need to visit the official website


Benefits of Bihar Ration Card 2023

  • A ration card can also be used as an identity card
  • You can use to to get your driving license or voter ID
  • Using this card, people of the state can get food items like wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene, etc. at a subsidized rate
  • It can also be used to get your electricity connection
  • Under the above scheme, you can also apply online for ration card sitting at home


Documents for Bihar Ration Card (Eligibility)

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Bihar
  • Aadhar Card
  • Postal address
  • I Certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo


How to apply for Bihar Ration Card?

All those interested beneficiaries of the Bihar state who wish to apply under this scheme simply need to download the PDF file:

  • In order to make a ration card under this scheme, grab an application form to make a new consumer (ration) card from any circle office / SDO.
  • Next, fill all the relevant information asked in the application form like your name, mobile and address
  • You will also require the passport size photographs of the head of your household attested by a Gazetted Officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councillor, specified proof(s) of residence, and surrender/deletion certificate of previous ration card.
  • Next, submit your proof of residence
  • If your proof of residence is not available, simply Circle FSO/S.I. / M.O. Conducts spot inquiry and records statements of 2 independent witnesses in the neighborhood
  • Next, submit all your documents along with your application form
  • The usual time to make a ration card is 15 days.



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